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SiZZle Fitness

SiZZle Fitness incorporates several sexy dance fitness programs that use different variations of exotic dance moves, your own body weight and a chair to strengthen and sculpt your entire body, especially your core, hips, tummy, butt and thighs. You will increase your flexibility, sexiness and confidence. So, not only will you sculpt a blazin‘ HOT body, you’ll leave every class feeling empowered, beautiful and sexier than ever! Get ready to SiZZle honey!

SiZZle Fitness Chair Dance: This class uses a chair along with a combination of exotic dance moves, that incorporate resistance and strength training to sculpt a blazing hot body!

SiZZle Fitness Floor-PlayFloor-Play combines chair/lap dance, exotic floor work, sensual stretching and sexy dance routines to create an amazing workout that will sculpt your body and have you feeling sexier and more confident than ever! *KNEE PADS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS* CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE FOR CLASS PASS.  

  • Everyone who attends a SiZZle Fitness class must be 18+ years old.  All students must sign a waiver prior to attending class.
  • Anyone who has signs of being intoxicated or under the influences may be asked to leave the class without a refund. 
  • Food and/or alcohol are not permitted in class.
  • All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All SATURDAY classes, at Joyful Motions Dance, are 50 minutes in length. Please arrive on time to check in. If you are not in the classroom 10 minutes after the start of class you will not be permitted to enter

  • Sizzle Chair Dance and Floor-Play classes are on a first come first serve bases. Since SPOTS ARE LIMITED PER CLASS, it is STRONGLY advised that for SATURDAY classes you CLICK HERE to purchase your class passes and register prior to class.

Class Registration:

BOWIE COMMUNITY CENTER: You can register for the THURSDAY EVENING SiZZle Chair Dance at Bowie Community Center online by CLICKING HERE and following the Smartlink prompts, by calling 301-474- 1737 or by visiting the Bowie Community Center at 3209 Stonybrook Dr, Bowie, Md 20706.  

Joyful Motion Dance Greenbelt: If you are attending a Floor-Play Class at Joyful Motion Dance Greenbelt CLICK HERE  to purchase your class passes and register for the class you'd like to attend.  Call 240-324-9081 for more information on Saturday SiZZle Fitness classes.  

If you have a guest that is not taking this class, due to limited space, they CANNOT be in the studio. In order to ensure the comfortability of all participants, this class will be exclusively for women.


Leggings, tee-shirt, short, etc.  Whatever you are comfortable dancing in. Please be aware that the SiZZle Fitness Floor-Play Class involves signature floor moves,  you will need knee pads that will slide (no rubber knee pads) and protect your knees.  

Class Etiquette:

While class is in session please allow a wonderful experience for other participants by keeping conversation during class to a minimum 


*ALL SiZZle Fitness Classes are a ladies ONLY*

*ALL Floor-Play Classes  REQUIRE Knee Pads*