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All Things Goddessy

Gorgeous Goddess Studio

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful...

The Gorgeous Goddess Studio is a private WOMEN ONLY studio located in Lanham, Md. Gorgeous Goddess is our sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives were we get to renew, refresh and refill ourselves, mind, body and soul. It is a place where you can deeply connect with your femininity, sensuality, sexuality and beauty by unlocking your inner Gorgeous Goddess with SiZZle Fitness Classes (Chair Dance, Striptease and Floor-Play) and Goddess Yoga classes. Classes are intimate size and unlike any classes you've taken before!

Every woman deserves to feel sexy, vibrant, beautiful and strong. Every woman deserves to be celebrated. CLICK HERE for class schedule and registration. Call (240) 324-9081 for more information


  • Space is limited (no more than 5-7 students per class), therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase your class passes and register in advance.
  • Coming to class without prior registration or contacting the instructor is prohibited.
  • CLICK HERE to create account, purchase your class passes and sign in to the classes you want to attend.
  • If no students are registered 1 hour prior to class, class will be canceled.
  • Call or text 240-324-9081 with any questions.