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All Things Goddessy

                          Live a Magical Life...

Welcome to All Things Goddessy, (formerly Crystal's Fitness Party).

This has grown into a space where we are committed to more than just our fitness goals, its become a place where we are committed to unapologetically living a truly magical life.  It's living like the ageless, beautiful, magical Goddesses that we are.  So welcome, sit a spell and scroll down for all kinds of magical goddessy goodness,  virtual class info, class passes, All Things Goddessy Etsy store and more!

Let us embrace our journey and create a life that is spectacular, amazing and gloriously Goddessy. If this is you, welcome home! And if this is not you, but you want it it be, I'd sure like to have you along, because this is gonna one amazing journey!

Be Ageless. Be Beautiful. Be Healthy. Be All Things Goddessy

...YES...we are mothers, employees, wives, and friends... But we are also women! Beautiful, sexy women with so much to offer! We need to take care of OURSELVES!!!

- Carmen McCarthy, Customer Testimonial

Join me on Patreon!

Exciting news!  There are now TWO ways to join in the Goddess Yoga & Zumba/Zumba Toning fun.   You CLICK HERE to get a one time $8 drop in class pass OR for $25 you can join me on Patreon !  

When you join the Patreon, Phenomenal Goddesses tier, not only to you get access to LIVE weekly virtual classes, you get to be a part of amazing group of supportive, encouraging and amazing  Goddesses.  My fitness classes aren't just about 'working out', they are about using movement to unleash your inner goddess, shuga!  If you've ever taken one of my classes you know that I am BIG on self love and body love and that's what the  Patreon group is all about.  So let's get ready to show ourselves some SERIOUS self love, move our bodies and turn our magic allllll the way up! 

                Here are just a few of the amazing perks that come with joining Patreon

1) Access to weekly LIVE Virtual Zumba/Zumba Toning & Goddess Yoga classes, 

                                                      Live Class Schedule:

                        Monday:  10:30 Goddess Yoga & 6:30 Zumba/Zumba Toning


                      Wednesday: 10:30 Zumba/Zumba Toning & 6:30 Goddess Yoga


2) INSTANT access to a over 30 Zumba/Zumba Toning & Goddess Yoga on-demand classes

CLICK HERE to join this amazing, vibrant virtual community. I look forward to the magic were gonna make together

All Things Goddessy Shop

Handmade jewelry, crystals, candles and more!

          Live Virtual SiZZle Class


We're BAAAACCKK!  Stay tuned,  January SiZZle Chair class date TBA!

          Click Here for Class Pass

Single Class Pass

CLICK HERE Purchase Single Class Pass

           Live Virtual Fitness Classes 

                   ○ Goddess Yoga

                         ○ Zumba