Fitness Party

                                Yoni Egg 1o1 Workshop

Did you know that using a Yoni Egg can strengthen the pelvic floor and support you in maintaining healthy reproductive organs?  Mmm Hmm!  It can also enhance sexuality, tighten and tone the walls of the yoni (vagina) and increase your sexual pleasure, leading to more intense orgasms.  Yaasssss!!! 

Oh and it can also assist you in balancing your hormones, preventing the decline of nerves in the bladder and uterus, there by preventing and/or remedying urinary incontinence.  

Yoni Egg training can increase blood flow to the vagina, which helps keep the tissue healthy and encourages lubrication.  And that's no all, shuga!  It targets the muscles of the pelvic floor that support the rectum, vagina, and the urethra, helping to keep the pelvic floor muscles healthy and strong.   Now, add awakening your feminine power to the mix and baby, what are you waiting for?I 

You ready Goddesses?!   In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start your Yoni Egg training.  From information on various crystals, how to clean and recharge your yoni egg, all the way to actual exercises that you can start doing right away.   Get ready my Gorgeous Goddesses, we are about to have a yoni good time!

Two ticket options are available.  1)$20 Early Bird Special for the class alone. Click Here  &  2) $45 Early Bird Special Including 3 Rose Quartz  (1-S, 1-M & 1-L) Yoni Eggs. Click Here

                                                                            Date: 7/15/2018

                                                                               Time: 2-4pm

                                                       Location:  Gorgeous Goddess Studio, Lanham Md

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Yoga has joined the party!  So, come on out and get your Namaste on with me. Get ready to quiet your mind, center your being and stretch and strengthen your body in a one of these awesome new Yoga classes. Both Gentle and Goddess Yoga are Hatha styles of yoga.

Yoga will increase your flexibility, strengthen your body and quite your mind.  Class is 6:30pm @ Bowie Community Center. 

Goddess Yoga, 10:30am Monday and 12:30pm Saturday @ Gorgeous Goddess Studio, which is women only, will not only increase your flexibly and peace of mind, you will tap into your inner Gorgeous Goddess.  In this class you will to connect to and celebrate your beauty and femininity. CLICK HERE to register.

Zumba Fitness

Are you ready to PARTAY? Zumba Fitness is a red hot fitness party that combines Latin and international music with calorie BLASTING dance moves.  Zumba incorporates interval training –– alternating upbeat and slower rhythms — and resistance training.

SiZZle Chair Dance 

Are you ready to get your SiZZle on? Then take a seat and turn up the heat! SiZZle Chair Dance Fitness uses a chair along with a combination of  exotic dance moves, that incorporate resistance and strength training to sculpt a blazing hot body!  In this class you will strengthen your core, tone and sculpt your legs, thighs, hips and butt. All while increasing your flexibility.  This class is for women only and takes place at Gorgeous Goddess Studio.  Get ready to be a stronger, sexier you! CLICK HERE to register! 

Zumba Toning

Are you ready to sculpt, tone and shake the weight off?  Zumba Toning uses maraca style weights, targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves, to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance fitness party.

SiZZle Floor-Play 

We take it to the floor in this one ladies! This class uses a exotic chair AND floor work, along with a combination of steamy, sensual dance moves that incorporate resistance and strength training to sculpt a blazing hot body!   In this class you will strengthen your core, tone and sculpt your legs, thighs, hips and butt.  All while increasing your flexibility.  Get ready to look and feel amazing.